‘A Tale of Ten Cities’: Unusual facts about 10 of Britains Cities

Room-B operates in all of the UK’s major cities and as the old adage goes, every place has a story to tell. With this in mind we at Room-B have compiled this list of things you may not know about 10 of Britain’s cities, because who doesn’t love a bit of trivia!



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The home of Room-B has a more sinister past than its quaint veneer would suggest; the city of Exeter is infamous for being the last place where a woman was trailed and executed for witchcraft.

Alice Molland was tried in 1684 and was later hanged at the city’s gallows. The place where her trial was held is now a bar in the city centre called Timepiece!



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Birmingham has more canals than Venice, more trees than Paris and more parks than any other city in Europe. It also has the largest local authority in Europe, employing twice as many people as the European Commission.



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More languages are spoken in London than any other city in the world, and if it was its own country it would be the 8th largest in Europe. As a bonus piece of trivia, Buckingham Palace was reportedly built on top of an infamous brothel!



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The oldest dinosaur ever found in the UK was found in Bristol. The infamous pirate, Blackbeard, was also born in the city.



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To keep both sets of football supporters happy, the city has purple wheelie bins (a combination of Everton FC’s blue kit and the red kit of Liverpool FC). Unusually Liverpool is also the place where the American Civil War finally ended, when a confederate ship sailed into the city’s port and was forced to surrender.



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In the 17th Century a common cure for baldness was populated in the city. It was created by making a paste from the cremated remains of Dove droppings!



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Manchester has produced over 20 Nobel Prize winners, more than any other city. It is also the first place where people successfully managed to split the atom.



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Southampton is home to the oldest bowling green in the world, which hosts an annual competition known as the ‘Knighthood of the Old Green’. The winner of this competition gets the title of ‘Sir’ and everybody at the club has to address them by that title until the competition the following year, where they could get ‘dethroned’ I guess.



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Hampden Park in Glasgow is the oldest international football stadium in the world and was also the largest up until 1950. Glasgow was also the location of the first ever game of international football, which was between Scotland and England and finished 0-0.



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Cardiff was the first place where a £1 million deal was made and was once one of the richest cities in the world, thanks to its coal industry and docklands it was also the world's largest coal dock as well.

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